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Spanish music tonight?

Fallow them on Instagram their always posting event

Will it be open tonight?


Are children allowed?


When does dancing start?

Depends. But around 6pm

Do you have to pay a cover if you are eating?


Do you have to be 21 and older to come there?

For the restaurant No, but in order to buy drinks and participate in one of the 2 club areas, Yes!!

Is there an age requirement for the dance club?

Yes...bouncers at entrances ask for ID

What time will they close?

Sun thru Wed 1am...Thurs 3am and Fri and Sat 4am

Is there Valet parking, or Garage nearby?

Yes, but not valet.

Are reservations suggested on weekdays?

I believe you only need reservations when your doing something special, like a birthday party or some type of occasion.

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